For the curious friend, I would like you to know my inspiration.

Beta launch


Sunset Tee -

Our goal in the coming collections is to fund an entire well through Charity: Water. This well will hopefully provide a clean source of water to those who live on the hottest place on Earth. This graphic portrays the increasing global average temperature from the past several decades. Titled "Sunset" due to how the gradient depicts the sinking sun.

Volume 1


Victory Tee -

It is a bittersweet composition the female role plays in the evolution of humanity. I always believed that the female epigenetics are incredibly resilient for what nature and men have put them through over the millenium. The questions of reality and life are forced onto them at such an early age and whether they actually pay attention to this lesson in life, most men never even have to consider this lesson. In homage to all the mothers who have achieved victory in bringing new life into this world with the infinite potential to do good. The egg represents new life on a chess board that reflects the black and white world we live in, dawned by the guidance of language and woman.

Shouts out to Momma Moon
First Round Tee -

A subculture within South Korea's nightlife involves bar hopping from establishment to establishment. This is our first round and we ain't even started yet cuh'

Flower Tee -

I doodle a lot guys. I have always preferred doodling over taking real notes because when you boil down the subject matter. My art has given me more value than the words I would've written down. This is the only drawing I have created that I genuinely wanted to pay out of pocket to print on a shirt so that people out there who I do not even know can rock my efforts and message.

College Tee -

I figured if college can take my money with not much to show for it, I could surely get more value in selling a shirt called college tee.

Soy Milk Tee -

The sooner you become comfortable and actualize who you are in your life time. You can access the highway to learn how to love and appreciate who you which aids to organize what matters to you day to day, year to year, life to life. Deji represents that lifestyle as he chicly poses for all to recognize his now eternal existence.

more coming soon