Wyse Threads comes from a very simple concept as life is intended. People have lived on Earth for a millennial taking us to explorations as far as the wind, as deep as the oceans, as high as the mountains, and as extraordinary as the Moon. How much farther will we explore before we realize the importance of exploring our human ancestry. Through negativity, war, and hate we have grown distant from our race. We are all human beings. Nothing More, Nothing Less.

"Under the sky, under the heavens. There is but one family." - Bruce Lee

Wyse Threads spreads this idea. We are all one race under the sun.

Wyse Threads' plan is to donate 51% of all profits to a charity doing amazing things all over the world. For our first goal we are attempting to fund an entire freshwater well to those who need it in parts of Africa through Charity: Water. The project starts at a total of $10,000 to pay and teach the locals to build these wells in their communities. Our Beta launch only scratches the surface, by showing your support we can move on to bigger and greater collections to meet our goal. Follow us on social media to see our progress to our official launch, positive news in our world, and sneak peeks at whats to come for the future.

Thank you